the science

Hypnox is a tool specifically designed to target, relax and re-train the following facial muscles :

FRONTALIS : across the forehead
CORRUGATOR : between the brows
ORBICULARIS OCULI : around the eyes
PROCERUS : across the bridge of the nose
ORBICULARIS ORBIS : around the mouth

Hypnox will prevent the negative stress which manifests in your face during sleep (ie tooth grinding, jaw clenching, tongue thrusting, scowling and frowning) while your subconscious teaches you to become more aware of - and to release any unnecessary tensions in your face during the day.

Beginning with a progressive muscle relaxation moving gradually from feet to head, the first cycle finishes with a series of movements designed to focus and relax the facial muscles targeted in the later work. Next the focus shifts to the calming and retraining of the five main groups of facial muscles. And finally, before sleep, a post-hypnotic suggestion is planted, to ensure that the work continues to be effective throughout the night and throughout the following day.

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