the process

The Hypnox system is designed to be used regularly before sleep. There is no background music - Hypnox is not specifically designed to be a relaxation device.* You will listen to a 25-minute hypnotic audio track, beginning with a progressive muscle relaxation, moving gradually from feet to head. This section finishes with a series of movements designed to focus and relax the facial muscles targeted in the later work (there is an added benefit to this set of exercises: every time you work with your facial muscles, you increase circulation to your face by a factor of ten.)

Once you are completely physically relaxed, the focus shifts to the calming and retraining of the five main groups of facial muscles. Next a post-hypnotic suggestion is planted, to ensure that the work continues to be effective throughout the night and throughout the following day. And then finally sleep, naturally and easily.

The progressive muscle relaxation is included primarily for those clients who find it difficult to relax deeply enough to experience the full effect of this hypnotic product. If you find you are falling asleep during the progressive muscle relaxation cycle, and you would like to be more aware of the process which follows, you may want to consider beginning the playback at the 11:33 mark. This will start you with a short hypnotic induction and then move directly into the facial muscle relaxation sequence.

Please keep in mind that Hypnox must NOT under any circumstances be used while operating an automobile - or any heavy machinery.

*relaxation and an improved night's sleep are pleasant side-effects nonetheless - effects which happily will also help you to look and feel years younger.

i'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty
being only skin deep. that's deep enough.
what do you want, an adorable pancreas?
jean kerr