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I tried the CD last night, and it REALLY worked! I was surprised at how dramatic the experience was. I know the visual results will take effect over time. But all you need is that first listen to see how well it will work.
gen m, 32 - entrepreneur

It was so easy - and I truly saw results the very first morning. Also, I am a life-long insomniac, and I fell asleep more easily than I had in ages! Whether I use Hypnox before bed, or just before a nap, I invariably wake up feeling positive and calm - no matter how much or little sleep I've actually had.
anna s, 68 - teacher

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katia m, 36 - biologist

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Not only have I noticed an obvious reduction in the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and brow, but I have been sleeping better than I have in years, and wake up feeling well-rested and energized!
eric h, 45 - musician

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joan k, 39 - business owner

I use Hypnox for an afternoon relaxation period. It put me into a deep state of relaxation right from the start. My body tingled all over, and I "awoke" after 45 minutes feeling refreshed and relaxed. It works better than a nap! The hypnotic suggestion worked in another way. I carry a lot of tension in my jaw - I always tend to clench my teeth while I sleep. The power of suggestion kept my jaw relaxed, teeth apart, during the night, and it feels so much better. The directions on the CD are very clear. The voice is so soothing and conducive to relaxation, and the message is very affirming.
patricia k, 60 - retired civil servant

I do a lot of traveling in my line of my work - recently I've started listening to this CD during long flights. It is extremely restful, and blocks out the sounds of the other passengers. Often I'll listen to it more than once over the course of a trip - I arrive at my destination feeling rested and rejuvenated.. I canít wait to see the longer term results!
lyn r, 47 - corporate trainer

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My wife has your Hypnox recording on her ipod and listens to it every night. She loves it, and she already sees the benefits (as do I, in her). Charlene is ready to spread the word to everyone she knows.
steve p, professional musician (for charlene p, web designer)

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