Hypnox will help your face reflect the warmest, healthiest and most loveable parts of who you are. We want you to wake up every morning and love the face looking back at you in the mirror. Not because you have fixed something that's wrong with it - but because you’ve done something small but important to allow the best of yourself to shine through.

Anger, frustration, depression, disappointment - these feelings exist in all of us. If they become habitual, they begin to age our faces every bit as much as gravity, sun damage or the passing of the years. Hypnox can help, in three ways.

Primarily it can help physically, by diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by scowls and frowns, by grimaces and squints and puckers and glares, by mopes and sulks and pouts. Hypnox works particularly well with frown lines, crows' feet, and with vertical lines around the mouth.

The process can also help by easing you toward a regenerative good night’s sleep. And finally, Hypnox works hard to promote and strengthen a healthy and positive self-image - after all, the happier you feel, the less you frown.

Hypnox wants you to love yourself. You endure a daily bombardment of advertising for potions and creams and chemicals and peels and lasers and surgeons and scalpels and needles - the homogeneous end results sometimes seem inescapable. Hypnox offers an alternative : your unique face, glowing with the full range of human emotion.

Look younger. Sleep better. Feel happier. Hypnox.. why on earth WOULDN'T you?

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just because you are blind and unable to see
my beauty does not mean it does not exist ..
margaret cho