In 2000, Joan Krygsman, C.Ht. completed her studies at the Ontario Hypnosis Centre in Toronto, Ontario, and become a fully Certified Hypnotherapist. Unsatisifed with the more traditional applications of hypnosis, Joan began experimenting with previously unexplored possibilities for this type of therapy. A thoroughly negative experience with a local plastic surgeon led to concentrated research in the field of anti-aging. And finally, Hypnox was born.

Joan currently lives with her 2 year old daughter Fritha in Dundas, a small town in south-western Ontario. The Hypnox studios (where all recording, editing and testing take place) are housed in a converted guest-cottage on the grounds. All renovations to the facilities were performed by Joan herself (using a combination of google and some slightly unorthodox management of powertools.)

Joan Krygsman is an NGH Certified Hypnotherapist and the creator of Hypnox, a powerful new alternative to Botox. She researches and advocates natural and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cosmetic procedures and products.

to exist is to change, to change is to mature,
to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly ..
henri bergson